Werkervaringen, technieken

Erasmus Internship in Areslab in Italy: Conducting chemical testing of samples from local industries (industrial waste) analyzing components and their percentages.

Experience with:

  • Gas Chromatography (GC) and Soxhlet
  • Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry (chrome VI, ammonium)
  • TOC (Total Organic Carbon) test
  • DOC (Dissolved Organic Carbon) test
  • LOI (Loss on ignition): Dry matter content, organic
    matter content.
  • Other skills: pH measure, conductivity measure, preparing and weighting different samples, dilutions…

Cursussen, trainingen

Higher Technician in Analysis and Quality Control Laboratory (ISCED5/EQF level 5). Equivalent to the Dutch HLO (Hoger Laboratorium Onderwijs)

Diversen, hobbies

Travelling, photography, hiking, reading…

Wensen t.a.v. nieuwe functie

I would like to offer myself to work as an intern in your company. Please let me introduce myself briefly. I am a 23 year old Spanish lady that has just finished my High-level Technical Degree Analysis and Quality Control Laboratory at CIFP San Jorge de Santurtzi (Bilbao), where we have learnt how to become lab technicians and I have recently moved to Breda to live with my boyfriend and I am looking for my first working experience after my internship.

For my degree (it is a Spanish equivalent to HLO Hoger Laboratorium Onderwijs), I had to do an internship and I decided to do it abroad so I could practice other languages and I could get some international experience. I was working as a laboratory technician at Areslab s.r.l. in Brescia (Italy) between March and June 2017. I was conducting chemical testing of samples from local industries (industrial waste), analysing components and their percentages and I got a big experience working in a lab, even though they were only few months.

After searching during my first month for lab technician jobs, I realized that almost all of them required a good knowledge of the Dutch language, and in only few exceptions a perfect level of English. I have a good level of English, but however it is not perfect, so I have to improve it and also learn some Dutch before being ready to find a lab technician job. That is the reason I have thought in offering myself to your company to do an internship so I can continue with my professional career, and I can keep on improving my language skills. Your company could take profit from my knowledge and skills as an analyst for some months without almost any cost. Of course if after this period a vacancy appears and you would like to consider me for it; that would be perfect.

I consider myself a person with abilities to adapt quickly to new situations and cultures, responsible, quick learner, punctual, hard worker, disciplined and very organized, thus I am not afraid of new challenges. Moreover I can contribute with my desire to work and I have a great aim of gaining experience in the professional world. I have lived in different cities and countries: Italy, Germany and Spain. I speak native Spanish, medium-high level of English, and basic level of German and Italian, and I am starting learning Dutch, and I have good computer knowledge.