I am an open minded and seasoned molecular biologist with hands-on R&D, quality control, and  assay development expertise. I am at my best if I can use this experience to translate ideas, plans, or (customer) questions, into useful and high quality solutions, e.g. new biochemical or molecular assays. Taking responsibility, and having the freedom to use my own judgment, have helped me to successfully implement and manage the projects I worked on. I’m not somebody who is easily put off by setbacks. An open mind, teamwork, and being creative, will help me to come up with solutions.


  • Molecular biology (many diffrent techniques)
  • Assay design and development (Cellular, ELISA, Real-Time PCR)
  • Cell culture
  • Diagnostics
  • Reverse genetics
  • Project management
  • Quality control
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biosafety (registered biosafety officer)


2012-Jan 2017

Project manager and technology specialist for a start-up company producing molecular plant pest diagnostics. Within the company I was responsible for customer initiated research, product development, and quality-control projects. I also performed part of hands-on lab work associated with these projects. During the last few years I was also biosafety officer for both this company and a sister company. This work has taught me that being honest, and giving the right example, is just as important as explaining the purpose.


  • Successfully managed assay design, quality control, and customer initiated research projects.
  • Designed, innovated, and developed multiple Real-Time PCR identification kits for the detection of plant pathogens
  • Developed and implemented a biosafety management program.
  • First author of the biosafety manual, standard operating procedures, product manuals, and project reports & proposals.
  • Organised the design and set-up of the new lab facility.

2003- Oct 2011

Senior scientist (pharmaceutical Industry), managing a team of two technicians, doing target finding and assay development projects. One of these, Top Institute Pharma project “TNF ligands in Cancer”, resulted in the successful selection and identification of a therapeutic antibody currently in clinical development for the treatment of cancer.


  • Co-inventor of agonistic CD27 therapeutic antibody.
  • Designed and developed cellular assays for drug and antibody screening.
  • Identified and validated several potential new drug targets.
  • Successfully managed the work of technicians and interns.


Senior assistent scientist (pharmaceutical industry)


Research technician (University)


  • BSc Biochemistry, Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (1989)
  • HAVO, Ludger College Doetinchem (1984)


  • Biosafety officers course, RIVM (2015)
  • Result Oriented Leadership, Schouten & Nelissen (2005)
  • Performance appraisals, Schouten & Nelissen (2004)
  • Radiation protection course 5B, Utrecht University (1994)

Lanquage skills

  • Dutch (native)   ••••••
  • English              •••••
  • German             •••

Voluntary work

  • Administrator of homeowners association (2000-2006)
  • Secretary of  “Nijmegen 10 Mile run” foundation (1997-1999)


  • Art photography 
  • Cooking
  • Running


It is my ambition to work as a project manager or scientist for a research driven (food, agro, life sciences) organisation. A dynamic place where people are not only valued for what they do and deliver, but also for who they are. I’m very passionate about personal growth and I believe that personal development starts by stepping outside your comfort zone. This is also why I want my work to be challenging.