Full rotation at the Advanced Imaging Group in the department of Cell Biology, the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam

The Netherlands Cancer Institute / Anthoni van Leeuwenhoekhuis (NKI/AVL) is a world-class comprehensive cancer hospital and research institute. Within the NKI, in a dozen different departments many different aspects of basic cell biology, genetics, oncogenesis and cancer treatment are studied. In the department of Cell Biology we compare tumor cells to their untransformed counterparts, with emphasis on (regulation of) cell division and locomotion. Our group is specialized in applying advanced live-cell imaging techniques, FRET, FLIM and super-resolution imaging to these research questions.

Furthermore we have a long history in developing biologically relevant FRET sensors, to measure for instance Estrogen Receptor functioning, phosphatidyl inositol bisphosphate (PIP2) and cyclic AdenosineMonoPhosphate (cAMP). Recently we have published a new improved Epac-based cAMP sensor (Klarenbeek et al 2015 PlosOne). We are currently making a cell line stably overexpressing the cAMP sensor. This cell line will be used to screen for proteins influencing cAMP levels by performing a genome wide knockdown by siRNAs or by using small molecule inhibitors.

In the course of ~8 months, you will learn about fluorescent proteins, FRET, FLIM, large scale screening and the instrumentation you need for that. Automated image analysis will have to be developed to analyze these data. The image analysis will be used to identify new players in the cAMP signaling cascade. Finally, these new players will have to be verified.

Because of the speed of developments, it is impossible to always present the newest ideas on this site; it is best to contact us and talk one-on-one about a project that would really excite you.

Please contact Kees Jalink k.jalink@nki.nl tel: 020 5121933