CBS-KNAW is now Westerdijk Institute

The Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute (formerly known as the Fungal Biodiversity Centre/CBS) is an independent research institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, situated on the campus of the largest university in the Netherlands (Utrecht). It studies fungal biodiversity in the widest sense, focusing on three priority areas, agriculture, human health, and industry (indoor air and food).

Presently there are 8 research groups with a total of about 100 employees. The institute maintains a large culture collection of fungi and yeasts, and research groups such as those of Pedro Crous (Evolutionary Phytopathology), Jos Houbraken (Applied and Industrial Mycology), Sybren de Hoog (Origins of Pathogenicity in Clinical Fungi), Ronald de Vries (Fungal Physiology), Teun Boekhout (Yeast and Basidiomycete Research), Vincent Robert (Bioinformatics), Jérôme Collemare (Fungal Natural Products) and Ferry Hagen (Medical Mycology).