SLims is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) focusing on making life in the lab easier. It will help you to maintain your focus on strategy instead of administrative issues. SLims is a flexible, complete, compliant and easy-to-use LIMS tailored to labs that deal with continuously changing requirements.

SLims was designed with flexibility as its main design principle, ready to be adapted to any type of laboratory. The SLims configuration can be permanently modified and fine-tuned by SLims users, and is therefore optimally suited for dynamic lab environments. The system is very competitively and transparantly priced, without any hidden costs. SLims was built with the latest web 2.0 technologies, by labs, for labs.

  • Only needs a browser to run, but feels like a desktop application
  • Spreadsheet style grids and input
  • Visual storage location details (96 well plates, freezer, etc)
  • Seamlessly integrated administration modules
  • Word processor style Electronic Lab Notebook

SLims was developed by Genohm, a bio-informatics company with offices in Belgium and Switzerland.