GBS Leiden is your contract research laboratory

We provide analytical and scientific support for clinical trials, population studies andpre-clinical drug development in the areas of haemostasis, inflammation and cell stress.

We offer several approaches to meet your study needs. We generally offer our services on a work-for-fee basis and we are also partners in granted projects in various consortia. Further we invest in the development of new assays and biomarker validation to further expand our capabilities in partnership with academic groups, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies.

At GBS Leiden, our commitment to providing quality data is based on the guidelines of GCLP and EMA to support studies of human subjects and materials. To ensure we meet regulatory requirements, we follow the current bioanalytical guidelines for assay validation in our specific fields, and where possible we also participate in external qualification programs, such as the ECAT. Of course, our facilities and operations are open to audit by existing and prospective clients.